Ultra Thick Business Cards

Ultra Thick Business Cards

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Want your business card to show you mean business? Need a thicker business card because your brand has a precise impact you want to share? Our cards are made with:

• 32pt uncoated

• 3.5”x2” Dimensions

• Full Color

• Single (4/0) or Double (4/4) Sided

• These are our standard, sharp cornered business cards. 90° angles only.

• Optional: Spot UV Coating

Choose rounded, mini or custom sizes after you add to cart!

4/0 | 4/4:
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Why do we love it?

It's hard not to notice a thick business card. We love the tactile nature of paper and story through design, so thick business cards are what we dream about
It holds color very well
Responsibly and sustainably sourced

Finishing Options

Painted Edges: With our 32pt uncoated stock, you can get painted edged business cards as well.