The Best Mail Available

The Least Expensive Mail Available

What Is EDDM?
For once, the government named something for what it actually does. Every Door Direct Mail is just that -- a way to deliver direct mail to every door in an area door.

What's The Benefit?
Cost. Plain and simple. The USPS offers EDDM for as a low as 17.5¢ per piece. That's less than half the price of Bulk Mail, and less than a third of the price of a First Class stamp. If you're looking to blanket an area with your advertisement, and you're not particularly concerned about only delivering to targeted groups, a fifty percent cost savings may suddenly make direct mail an affordable and viable option for you.

What's The Catch?
It's not so much a catch, but the USPS does have some requirements if you want to take advantage of EDDM. The biggest one is you have to take your mailing to the local post office. There are other requirements for the size and format for the mail piece, and how the pieces need to be bundled.
At L&B printing we are EDDM experts, who specialize in EDDM services. We know the formatting requirements, and will make sure your mailings are compliant and delivered to the post office. 

Is EDDM Right your Company?
Every business owner would like to cut costs, any cost, by half. But that doesn't mean EDDM is right for every business.

Some businesses, which would be particularly well suited to Every Door Direct Mail, include:

• Auto Mechanics
• Auto Sales
• Carpet Cleaning
• Car Washes
• Computer Repair
• Dental Offices
• Dry Cleaning
• Trades: Electrician, Plumbers, Contractors
• General Retail
• Lawn Care
• Restaurants
• Real Estate
• House Cleaning
• Insurance Agencies
• Pest Control
• Pharmacies
• Barber Shops, Salons And Spas
• Tax Prep
• Urgent Care
• Veterinarians

Of course, just because your industry isn't on the list doesn't mean EDDM can't or won't work for your business. This is where you have to give me a call. My name is Kristy Ball and I will be happy to provide you and your company a free consultation on EDDM. 

Please give me a ring at 908) 232-7770 x213, or shoot me an email at

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