Simplifying printing services for your business.

As your business grows and you on-board additional employees, branded materials for them can become a cumbersome task to fulfill. And you might not have the budget for a design associate to take care of this every time it comes up. That's why we've introduced our business solutions for brands with 5+ employees.


Dedicated service that lets you focus on growing your organization.


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Assists in Creating and Managing your Brand's Designs


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Our international organization will look no further than L&B for all printing services.

“As a growing international production company with ambitious goals, it makes a design-minded company to align with our needs for sharing the value of our story in printed formats. L&B Printing has been a pleasure to work with, delivers the highest quality, and is inexpensive.”

— V.C. of Journey Lab

Fit for the rules of the law. 

“I cannot recommend L&B Printing highly enough. They have taken care of the printing needs for my law practice flawlessly at all times. I also use them for my personal printing needs, including having them prepare the programs for my daughter's wedding with less than 24 hours notice. Their level of service and quality of work is incomparable.”

— Michael Magaril

Business cards people actually want to keep. 

“L&B Printing are the very best! Kristy was so accommodating, printing my business cards, menus and even helping me with my marketing strategy on every door direct mail. She truly came through, in such short notice. Her expertise definitely shows and my business is thriving because of it!! You must use L&B for all your printing needs!!”

— Jenna DeLorenzi



There's more where that came from.. 

Expand your message to cover more ground. Compliment your branding package with some customer recommended services.